Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Building The Job Blog - Day 1

Pheww…there has been a lot going on at The Job Blog over the last couple of days. I have been messing a lot with the design of the blog and adding content. The goal is to make a site that looks somewhat legit, but is not stuffy and overly professional. I want to provide followers and subscribers with easy to access content and advice for their job search.
Today I added a page that includes the best job search engines out there (I’m going to blog more about search engines soon). I also added a page were that provides an email address where you can email me your resume for advice and feedback. I’ll will do this for free (charging to review resumes for a people looking for work is just wrong). My commitment is to get this back to you in 3 days. Finally, I added a few bullets about myself. I’m not trying to be narcissistic in what I said (like some out there), but just providing some comments to show you that I’m somewhat legit and can be trusted.
Lots more to come….

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