About Me

My Education
I guess I’m educated (though my writing probably says otherwise). I have a BA from a private liberal arts college in Biblical Languages. I have an MBA from Wake Forest University, Schools of Business. Finally, I have done about a year of graduate coursework at The New School University – Milano, School of Management and Urban Policy.
My Work Experience
Boardrooms, assistant to a President, undergrad intern, graduate intern, worked in 3rd world country, New York City financial services consulting, IT, global consulting firm, fortune 50 company, Chili’s, salesman (for 3 weeks).
Who I Really Am
I am generation Y. I have traveled around the world, lived oversees, and studied aboard. I am married to a beautiful wife, and we have 2 girls (20 months and 6 months … yes we have our hands full).
Why This Blog?
What inspired me to start this blog is simple. I needed money to pay off my student loan debt (still do ... I’ll take free money if there are any volunteers). I’m a capitalist. A dumb one though. After 2 days I realized I’m not going to be making anything close to being worth the time blogging. To make anything meaningful, I would have to put 200% effort into this. I’m going for like 25%. After reality sunk in, I decided to keep going. It’s more than just money for me. I realized that I actually want to help people.
I have been unemployed 4 times in the last 3 years. All have been from my own will, except for one. Each one was a very stressful time for my family and I. Each time we came out better than before. I feel an obligation to share what I learned during these times. To help others find a job … a career … their life.
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